Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Why Winning Cheer & Dance Teams
Order Competition Makeup Kits

Get ready...for Cheer & Dance Competition Season! It's the Best Time of Year to Strut Your Stuff!

It's Competition Season! Winning Cheerleaders & Dancers LOVE Easy-to-Use Glitter & Matte Makeup Kits! Now is the time to Order yours!

Top Reasons to Order Competition Makeup Kits: 

  • Builds Confidence! Look & Feel Like Winners!
  • Convenient! Order as a Group or Parents order Individually.
  • Parents Love Them! Super Affordable, Convenient, Easy to Use!

Moms & Coaches Ask:

Why Should We Buy Matching Makeup for Our Cheerleaders & Dancers? Why cant everyone get their own? 

All of the Competitors and Performers are wearing the same uniform or costumeIt's unprofessional to take the stage or competition floor with makeup that doesn't match each other or the Cheer uniforms or Dance costumes. Style Points can be deducted from the overall score.

Our Team has Cheerleaders and Dancers with different Skin Tones. Should they buy Makeup that matches their Skin tones?

  • No, While this is a big concern for both Coaches and Parents. The performers and athletes need to show a cohesive professional look
  • Performance Makeup has heavier pigments designed to Stand Out, Stay On, And Look the Same on every Cheerleader, Dancer, Gymnast, Drill Team, or Performer taking the stage. The best way to see the effects is to try the colors on different members of your team. 
  • Performance or Competition Makeup is not sold in Drugstores. Performance  Makeup is specially formulated for Cheerleaders and Dancers, Athletes & Competitors who Perform and Compete under the Bright Lights on the Field or at Big Events.
  • BA STAR specializes in Performance Makeup for Cheer & Dance creating Makeup Kits for Cheerleaders and Dancers for over 10 Years
  • BA STAR Performance Makeup is meant to Stand Out yet is Gentle enough for the youngest competitor. All of the ingredients are listed on the ingredient tab of each product & it's Gluten Free!

Why Buy the Makeup Kits?

  • Convenience & Affordability! No more searching after work or trying to get something at the last moment. Makeup Kits – are the easiest, most convenient way to insure that every Cheerleader, Dancer has everything they need for Competition. 
  • Makeup Kits are easy-to-use! Complete Makeup Kits are Pre Packed with FREE Cosmetic Bags, Brushes & Pencil Sharpener. 
  • Super Affordable. The Team Price for Cheer & Dance Makeup Kits range from $19.75-$33.75
Free Samples & Facecharts! Try before you buy, and learn to apply!

New to Cheer or Dance Makeup?

  • Try Before You Buy! Order FREE Samples HERE.
  • Learn How to Apply with FREE Facecharts!
  • Browse New Looks! There's Still Time! 

Coming Soon...Most Asked Question:
How to Apply Winning Dance & Cheer Makeup!

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